Why do exes move on so quick after breakup?

About couple weeks ago my ex dumped me and now i hear that he's already talking to someone else. a week after our breakup he's already talking to someone else now. It really hurts how my ex would do this to me and he's the one that wanted me so badly. How can an ex breakup with you then already start talking/seeing someone so quickly? It really hurts and I wonder whats wrong with me on why would he do that to me like he never cared about me like he said he did. I never gotten any closure from my recent ex just a dumb excuse on why he broke up with me because he feels we are nothing but friends and that was the last thing he said to me. What do you guys think and why would a ex move on so quickly?


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  • It's called rebounding. They're finding someone else to cling to while they recover and get attention from them at the same time.

    • that's lame! im not talking to anyone now

    • And that's the way it should be. You're taking your time to heal, they're just being immature about it.

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  • Yes he is rebounding. As the other person said he is being immature and not taking time to heal instead jumping into someone else's arms for comfort.
    I've been the rebound girl and it's not a real relationship. It will burn out as quickly as it starts.
    My advice would be move on, keep healing and find someone when your ready who treats you better.


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