Girls emergency please?

A gorgeous girl in my class. We never really talked and keep in mind she had plenty time to make a move. We now graduated. She just added me on ig. she's been liking my selfie pics and sometimes comments on my memes stuff. It was my bday. She said "we should take our cars out for a spin & wow nice exhaust you have on your car *in love emoji face*". I wrote a post saying "kinda want a babe & kinda dont" and she liked it. I had gfs in the past so im not ugly. When my friends asked her about me she said "hes a cool guy".

Could she like me? Or is she just being friendly? Keep in mind she barely has ig friends just 88 maybe thats why outvof boredom she does this I don't know


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  • I think she's trying to flirt with you to see your reaction! I don't think this is just random boredom. When us girls are interested in a guy, we check their IG's like crazy, trust me! I think you should ask her out to coffee or something simple :) it couldn't hurt!


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