What should I do about my EX?

Hey! So we were in LDR.. I'm not sure what to do.. because i want him in my life.. but we broke up 2 months ago and I've let him go obviously since he's already dating someone new. I miss him tho and we said i love you to one another not too long ago (I know that's a mess; not good at all) anyways, I've been thinking about what i should do.. If i stop talking to him now.. I'll get over him eventually and move on.. but if i do that, we'll never go back to the way we were which i don't want and I think I'll never talk to him again because well it's never going to be the same and he lives in another country. Either that or I'll keep talking to him but move on while i'm at it and somewhat have a future together as friends or something.
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  • I think if he was a special and important ex to you then keep talking to him and try to move on. The problem is a lot of people are not strong emotionally and mentally to keep an ex in their life while moving on because their feelings and emotions is not kept in check. I think it depends if you can handle keeping him in your life. If not then forget about him and move on.


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