Do guys abandon their wife and family because of a mid life crisis or is their always another women?

He says he left because of being in a bad marriage but I think that this is nonsense.

I've noticed that he has been chatting to a newly separated women (for hours and hours just about everyday)
is this the real reason or do fellow colleagues of the opposite sex just talk shop?


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  • Men generally leave wives for a few specific reasons;

    rag, rag, rag

    Fat and sloppy

    endless stupid agendas

    bad companionship

    little or grudging sex, generally used as leverage.

    constant manipulation attempts

    screaming at the kids

    running mouth that won't shut up

    lazy house keeper

    feminist attitudes

    bad hygiene

    excessive vanity spending

    expecting the man to pay all the bills and any money the woman makes gets used for vanity props.

    women feeling entitled.

    no peace in the home

    exposure to better quality women

    its a long list, and by the time he is going out with another woman, it means he is burnt out on a long list of things.

    of course the wife never sees her own part in it all, if she did, she wouldn't have been like that out of shame...

    • I am beautiful with a gorgeous figure. Educated and compassionate. He just wants a shag off of a work pal.
      Nice list though ;)

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  • Sometimes I think guys that abandon their family are just cowards and immature. If they leave because it wasn't ment to be but they took care of their children and respect their ex wife then unfortunately it wasn't ment to be. But if you're having a midlife crisis why don't they just go to a counselor? The worst part is usually they guys that seem to take the chickens way out usually leaves a beautiful wife, children, and family that some people would like to have just don't get it.

    • Yup. That's my hubby. Beautiful wife and five successful gorgeous kids. A family ANY guy would be jealous for and he's messing with some young girl he chose because he thought it would hurt me. He's so far gone.

    • He also refuses counseling.

  • Some guys can actually abandon damn near everything during a mid life , some are more irresponsible than kids when it happens. While the possibility of another woman is possable it doesn't always mean it is

  • As people get older and more complex, so do relationships. I'm married, and I have no interest in dating or finding new people, but it's really nice to meet new people and it's really nice to still feel wanted by others. There's never just a cut-and-dry explanation to why people do things, there's always some underlying issue. Maybe he just needed to feel wanted again for a while

  • Yes dudes leave there families every day. What matters is how classy they are about it. You leave them you do NOT ABANDON them.
    If he his talking to another women he is most likely trying get some ass.

  • "He says he left because of being in a bad marriage but I think that this is nonsense."

    Why would you think it's nonsense? I know several guys who have divorced their wives because they were in bad marriages.

    • Men never can see the value of women

    • Never? Only women of a certain type say things like that. I'm married to a great woman and I certainly see her value in my life and in the world. Most of the men I know feel the same way.

    • By the way, it could be said that if women valued their husbands more they would work a little harder to keep them happy. My wife and I both recognize that and work very hard to keep each other happy. It has to be a two way street, or there's a good chance someone's gonna leave. And when it happens, just blaming the one who left without considering what the other did is just dumb.

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