I fear it is inevitable, how to deal with it?

My boyfriend is thinking in breaking up, but not because he is interested in other woman or because he doesn't love me, it is because we cannot see each other because our schedules are busy. But he wants to remain as friends.

I don't want to, I really don't want to, and if we do it, i am afraid we cannot be friends for a long time. I also want him to be happy, and I don't want to be something negative to him.

Maybe that is the only answer available, if I insist, I think it could only do things worse. One of the reasons I resist is because we have only dated for a few months, since last days of September.

How can I accept it?
We decided to work things out, althought right now, things have been hard this week in meeting.

Maybe I am a fool, but I think I can't take it if we break up, specially because holidays and his birthday are at the next corner, and I think he is thinking the same.

What I can do is to cool down myself, and think in doing things for myself as if I am still single, and wait till he calls me back. He hasn't called me since Tuesday and yesterday I tried to contact him but he hasn't called.
I sent him a message for his birthday and he called me. We haven't said anything more about breaking up, but we have agreed to take things slower.

Maybe things can work out if we think on organize our individual lives so we can see each other, be emotianally stable and be in less arguments or blame the other for our problems.


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  • You don't have to break up, breaking up is the easiest thing to do in this situation. My friend has been with his girlfriend for nearly eight years and for four of those years, they were apart from each other at opposite ends of the country due to their Uni placements and yet despite this distance, they remained strong and fast forward some years they have just moved in together.

    There will be struggles in a relationship and it's comes down to how much both people want to be together. If you truly want to be together then you'll ride these tough times through as a solid unit.


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  • Convince yourself you'll be happier, because you won't have to worry about your schedule anymore.

  • You are so understanding, i would like to have a woman like you:)


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  • Hi im not an expert, but if he loved you he would try and make things work. Im sorry for your pain. But you shouldn't waste your time on someone who gives up on you so easily. And if things dont work out and your in a lot of pain, I wouldn't recommend being freinds with him. It will hurt you too much to have to pretend your feeling are platonic. Another man somewhere will give you the kind of relationship you deserve. Best of luck to you

  • hmm... so you both aren't used to be separate right? i think you both should take a step back and stop being emotional... you'll regret if you break up so just try to make things work out

    • You are right, there are other strong reasons for break up, but being separated for a time shouldn't be the reason to do it. We have talked it out and we decided to make it work, and not forgetting that each one is a person, a life with dreams and life projects.

    • maybe just like sending a good morning text, sending selfies and calling even if for 5min would help ^^

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