Am I doing the right thing with my ex and what could he most likely be feeling?

I dated this guy for 9 months and it was good at first but we started arguing a lot towards the end over the smallest things and he would always think I was cheating. But apart from all the arguing, I really enjoyed him and we were always there for each other. I'm really sensitive and he couldn't control his anger so he would say things and I couldn't ever cheer him up so I would get so frustrated. Then hs mom made him be in this girl's party and he was assigned a dancing partner. So on November 8 he called me and told me that he was confused about his feelings, and he was starting to fall for his dancing partner. I broke up with him at that moment. I cried and cried for two weeks but I've made myself stronger. I play soccer and he's my "coach" so I have to see him often, and he goes to my school. And that girl he likes, I play against her sometimes. So my ex kept texting me because he says he doesn't want me completely out his life, that he trusts me so much and to me that was painful. But I tried to be there for him until I found a few days ago that he was dating her already, and they started dating as soon as we broke up. He had lied to and told me he didn't like her, he told me he called her "love" to defend her from some guy so he could back off. He had told me he wasn't going to give him a chance. However I didn't say anything to him when I found out but I told him it's not fair for his new girlfriend that we talk. And he ended up confessing that he stills thinks about me while he's with her and that she makes him happy but nothing compared to how I made him feel and that he trusts me with all his problems. He said he agreed with the break up because he hated hurting me. But I can't accept to be less than what I want. He doesn't deserve my friendship if he has to lie to me and just do that to me. And I'm trying so hardto be the bigger person by being respectful to his new girlfriend (not pushing her or injuring her like she did with me during soccer the day before we broke up). I hate hurting peoppe, physically or emotionally. And it hurts to be replaced so easily when he would always promise he wouldn't fall for anyone else and that he was so in love with me.


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  • Your a cheater, there is nothing else to say

    • How am I a cheater? I never cheated on him and never planned on it.

    • My apologies I read it wrong, after reading it he sounds like a positive little prick. You don't accuse someone of cheating unless you have proof. Secondly he sounds a bit insecure, find your self a nice guy and move on. :)

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  • Hey! I understand completely how you feel.. My boyfriend broke up with me and after 3 weeks, he started dating his friend. It hurts a lot right? And the fact that he still tries to be with me and talk to me doesn't help with the moving on part for me. I guess I can just say that you shouldn't blame him for everything.. I mean you can't help it when you fall for someone else right? At least he didn't cheat on you and told you before hand... It's not easy I know. My advice for you now, is to move on and don't look back. You can talk to him all you want but detach your emotions for him. Believe me, you can do it.. I mean I'm still struggling to fight through this, but Im getting there. So just forget about it. He's no longer worth your time anymore


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  • I think your doing the right thing by ignoring your ex because if he loved you he wouldn't date another girl after you broke up with him. I certainly don't think its right for him to still think about you when he's dating someone else. It sounds like he's using this girl to not feel hurt after the break up.


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