Guys: Honestly, what can us girls do to prevent you from cheating?

Well, I've been single for a while, (By choice.) But just five months ago, got with my new boyfriend. I was single for almost two years because I didn't want a serious relationship, because all my other serious relationships, (6) all of my boyfriends cheated on me. I got a little scared, I guess. Well now, with my new one, I'm trying to let him in & be honest, but it's real hard for me because I'm constantly thinking he's going to cheat on me just like everybody else. So, what can I do, from you guys' perspective, to prevent that from happening?


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  • Babe, c'mon. Let's be honest here. You had 6 boyfriends from the past, and ALL six cheated on you? It seems you have a knack for picking the wrong types to be boyfriends. Now you're putting some heavy baggage on your shoulders that really doesn't need to be there. Every guy is different. And if you think he's going to cheat then use your skull for something other than a d***warmer for the head of his cock! Ask yourself, WHAT ( if anything ) is similar about this guy that is the same to the other guys? If you can't find anything then you're probably off to a good start. If you come up with three or more similarities then you might want to give him back his toothbrush.

    Now, to prevent him from cheating. Easy. Train your heiny for insertion...get another girl for fMf sex; head while he's playing his entertainment system is a good one...OH! Let's not forget some of the ol' reliables...wear heels during sex, walk around the house or apartment in nothing more than a t-shirt...and you can NEVER go wrong with wake-up head. These things are not guarantees but he'll really hesitate if another girl gets up in his face and ask if he has a girlfriend. Believe me! NO guy wants to loose Wake-Me-Up-with-A-Blowjob Anal girl.



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  • Forget it. You'll never stop guys like me from cheating. You don't have a chance. There are some thing you can't change. Just accept it.

    There are plenty of things I would like to change about women, but they'll never happen.

    • True as that may be, not all guys are like you. And hopefully one day, you will find a girl that you love & wouldn't want to hurt like that.

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    • Close? You're on a different planet.

      To sum it up in a few words, I would say it's got more to do with ego and freedom.

    • Ego & Freedom...

      I see.

      Well, when you

      get older, maybe you'll change your


  • There is nothing that you can do really. Those guys were going to cheat regardless of how much you pleased them. Some guys are just douches.


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