What would you do if your spouse did this?

You and your best friend of the same gender are both married happily and in your early 60's.
One day both your spouses whom you've been married for 35 years take you out to dinner together and declare that they've been in a relationship for the last 20 years and now that it's legal, they're leaving you to marry each other.


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  • Accept it after I get over the shock. Then cut her from my life as hard as that would be. She'd been cheating on me emotionally and physically for 20 years. Fuck her.

    I'd also wonder how I didn't know and that I must have been too distant. Because I can say right now, if you're giving your relationship and partner the time they need you will know when something is wrong. You can feel it... if this blindsided me I'd be mad at myself too


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  • They only accused y'all to use that as there exit ticket Out. They probably are the ones who been in a relationship for 20 years. Remember luv is pain & pain is luv

    From_Bahja. R


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  • I would likely laugh at first.
    This will be quickly followed by a sudden heart attack.

  • I would not be pleased.

    • obviously

    • I honestly don't know how I wood react. I would like to think I would give her my blessing. It was a different time so I could understand her hiding it and getting married to keep the suspicion off of her. But it would still be hard.

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