Do you believe in 'fate' ?

My ex boyfriend and I keep 'running' into each-other on the freeway/motorway, its happend three times now and its very unusal seeing as it isn't the place you usually see people. It keeps happening in the same places. My mum said to me "its begininng to sound like fate" and i was like what? and she goes "maybe you two are suppose to be together." I dont usually believe in fate I do however believe that everything does happen for a reason. I do think that maybe its just a coincidence but she's really got me thinking now. I know he's not stalking me and I know im not doing that either.

Any thoughts would be great... Thanks!


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  • No I don't, I just believe in coincidences. But running into someone on the motorway just means you have the same schedules. It happens.


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