Accidentally saw a pic of my cheating ex?

Her in the middle, big booming smile & her friends on each side of her you know the kinda picture.

Looks like she's happy, doesn't look like she's unhappy or upset one bit!!!

Why can't I be as happy as she is?


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  • The only thing you can do is fake it till you make it. The other day I also accidentally saw a pic of my ex w/a group of people standing next to a girl. I loved my ex, but he took me completely for granted and called me crazy when I told him how I felt. I started crying (I was by myself). There is no magical cure, just trek on w/your life. We all feel as though we have a cloud hanging over our heads while our ex is having the time of their life. I know that feeling sucks, but we need to get out there and enjoy our lives.


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  • Anyone can appear happy in a photo.

    That doesn't really say much.

    How many people have the brightest smiles but a torn or destroyed inside?

    I think you should try to fix what's broken in your soul by allowing yourself to fully heal.
    Comparing your happiness to others is always a set back.
    Realistically there will always be someone better off or happier than you.
    Set a standard for yourself and go from there.


What Guys Said 2

  • She has chose to move on and if she was cheating then she wasn't committed in the first place so can do this easier than you can. Try to forget her, yes its hard, but you need to nice on too and find somebody that is committed to you and gives in return what you give to her. Good luck

  • Because she's a psychopath, and they can often hide it well.

    • As in a sociopath/narcissist?

    • Bingo.

    • I've never known difference between the two. Do u?

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