Do you think I stayed with him longer because he told me was a Christian?

So I broke up with my ex and partly why I dated him was because he was a Christian. He wasn't my first love but he we dated for 4 years so he was my longest relationship. Anyways I had dated guys for less than a year and I would always be quick with figuring out if they were players or not. Yet my ex had a different background growing up he came from a Christian family and he knew the bible like the back of his hand. He was always very loving and giving to me and would always be there when I needed him. Turns out though he also had a different side to him and I had never seen it before. It started appearing by the 3rd year and even though he did do things that other Christians would dissaprove of like smoke, drink and go to strip clubs. Even when I had texts with proof that he was going to meet up with some other woman I still wanted him back. Was it because he validated my beliefs? I remember we has broken up that day and he would continue calling me back. I remember a few days after a break up he told me he wanted to go over the bible together. We weren't in any church but he wanted to go over it and show me that he was what I wanted. We went to a coffee shop and than went over the bible and that same day we kissed and got together again. He knew that just by showing me that he believed the same way I did that he would keep me there. My first boyfriend never labeled himself as a Christian he was just a plain old good guy. So I know that men don't have to be Christian to be good guys. I broke up with my first boyfriend because I didn't have feelings for him anymore. We stayed as friends but he has always been the best boyfriend I ever had. So when my recent ex appeared he was just like my first boyfriend. I had feelings for him and him being a Christian was a plus. I was still clinging to his faith that it was okay and that he was still the same person I thought he was. Now that it's all over I think back had it been another guy that never labeled himself a Christian would I have tolerated as much as I did with him. I feel my beliefs really shaped my decision on stayng with him.


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  • I think they had a big part to do with it as well


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