Our would be one year is coming up?

I made the mistake of falling in love before truly getting to know my ex. Everything at 1st was great, it was like something magical happened. After a little while though I found out that my ex was putting on a cover. He was not the ambitious interesting guy that I met. He was not marriage material, I know full well if I married him I would be miserable. I was taken for granted and treated like a last priority. We talked about marriage, he kept telling me how much he wanted to be w/me, but couldn't afford to marry me. When he got a better paying position, he would throw money away on really stupid things instead of saving for our future. He then called me mean for wanting to know his goals for the future, of which he had none (he wanted to wait for that to come to him), I gave him months and encouraged him. Although he can never support the family that he wanted where he is now, he didn't care, he was perfectly content. I broke up w/him due to feeling like I wasn't a priority and for the fact that he was unambitious and lazy (this translated to his life and our relationship). I have been feeling better, but it hurts knowing that he prob never cared and is already looking for a rebound. Why do I miss such a loser?
He did try to make amends a couple days later when I asked him for my stuff, he made tons of of beautiful promises. I turned that down and when I asked him again about my stuff he blamed me for hurting him.


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  • It sounds like you miss part of his companionship but you figured out what you want and that you are better off finding it elsewhere. Its easy to miss people you connected with or were passionate about at one point, even if they cheated on you and you dont want to get back together, you still miss them. Try and remember why you made your decision and that it is for the best.


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