Should I break up with my much loved yet moody boyfriend? When are flaws to much to last?


I love my boyfriend and we have dated for two years already. We have a great sex life, besides for when we fight. Lately he has become very moody and says I'm the only thing that makes me happy. That worries me. He wants to marry me but I told him I can't for at least three years. He gets upset and tells me when he proposes he only will once. We have fought extremely bad this weekend with him causing a scene by refusing to attend an important family event, and then acting miserably the entire time. He claims he has generalized anxiety and can't go anywhere when he's upset. We've talked through everything and fought a lot but he says he will try to make me happy. I am always seeing him--he never comes to see me. I always make more of an effort. Yet he said he will try. Do I trust him? I feel like I need to break up with him, but I love him more than ever and have never been able to love before him, having many emotional issues with my family. I feel so safe and happy with him, except when he gets upset and starts punching the walls. But I am the only one to calm him down and he needs me and I need him. We want to have kids and a life and a future together. I know our relationship is unhealthy but I love him and want to always be with him. Yet he refuses to go to therapy, telling me to be his therapist. Do we have too many problems to work out? My friends tell me they want me to have a boyfriend who makes me happy. But I can't love anyone else. I love him and him alone. We have never cheated on each other or wanted anything else. He is just pretty needy and his anxiety makes him scared I will always want something more than him. I don't want to give up on him because I love him too much. What do I do?

He also says he can't live without me and may kill himself. But then he says he is not serious.


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  • He either needs genuine help or he's a manipulator. Anyone who says they'll kill themselves if u leave is a control freak. Tell him the relationship is not making you happy, and he either needs to seek therapy or you're leaving. He sounds like he's got violent issues too, get that addressed before he physically harms YOU and not just walls.


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