Will I ever forget about my ex?

We broke up for more than 2 months ago and i can't forget about him and just move on ! I fantasied about him every single night since then

Will i ever be able to move on? What should i do to forget about him?


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  • did you break up with him?

    • I was feeling very neglected " he didn't contact me forclike a week ! And he was so well nd posting photos with his friends " so i got so pissed one time and gave him an ultimatum.. i wanted him to fear losing me and start giving our relationship more attention and he just blocked me..

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    • I did all of that
      My mind is against the idea of getting back with him and i know i can find better
      My heart is the only problem right now
      And i can't decide if it would be a good idea to text him or not

    • try to be strong, dont text him, this time your mind is right. every break up is dificult for the heart, but you had your reasons, dont forget that.

What Girls Said 1

  • If he's a great guy and you still love him a lot and he does love you back: get back with him he might be the one.
    If the relationship is complicated but you two are in love: try to work it out.
    If he doesn't have feelings for you anymore: YOU'RE TOO GREAT TO WASTE ENERGY ON HIM. I would work on myself to be rich and successful to make him regret and I would get over him in the process.
    If you lost feelings for him: you wouldn't still be thinking of him.


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