Someone please tell me what you think am I right or what?

8 years, my man lives with his mum, not enuf funds to buy a car to live with me, im far off his work bus route, mum washes his clothes and makes his bed, mum house bills paid by my man and all his siblings all grown up but living under one roof so easy split bills, my man pays me every week $ to help me out, look after me, and he works hard 3 jobs to make everyone happy financially, but he is too busy working to see me except Saturday night, so he arrives 10pm, gives me $, wants sex, sleep, helps me with man stuff chores on Sunday and back to mum Sunday evening for Sunday lunch then i go home alone again, this is the routine for years, he is scared to get married, not ready yet, gets pissed off if i complain that i get lonely sad, walks out back down to mum, i pack his stuff drop it off since he's always heading back there he gets very pissed off that i do that and silent treatment goes for 2 weeks then il go see him and its back to normal he says i love you be patient things will work out visits me again, sex and back down to mum on Sunday and the routine continues until i complain again.. this is what has been going on 6 years. I am patient because he works v hard and helps me round the house on sundays, but i am lonely a lot and feel like rapunzel in the castle, i work, i have hobbies but i always seem to be last on his list, my tv is dying, my stove too, there is not enuf $ and everything to fix is adding up, but mum gets a new stove and all bills paid n my man fixes everything fast there while she watches, im the outside woman and mum is the queen bee, when he leaves mum house she asks when is he coming back, i had enough, i really tried, i cared a lot but i give up, i need a partner wih me together, he says he has to save for a car but his money doesn't stretch that far, im in a love triangle and my man is killing himself to accomodate everyone, i feel guilty because i know he tries hard but he is angry that i dont want sex anymore, would you feel like sex with someone who you never see its like sex with a stranger... at least life is peaceful, i am a quiet stay at home girl and its good not to worry about money but its just me alone all the time, im wasting away or am i selfish? So confused. My mum says he's a good man, he's trying, my friends say he's just a lover, dump him n get a real man, my heart says i love him because he's the one but then the reality is im always alone and life is going... 😯😕


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  • You two are codependent on each other and in my opinion it doesn't seem like a very healthy relationship. You have to make a choice for yourself because from what you wrote he doesn't seem like the type of guy who wants to change. Trust your gut feeling.

  • That doesn't even sound like a relationship. Leave him to his mother and find a real man.


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