Why do couple wait so long to break up when it clearly isn't working?

Why are so many people living in denial?
Do some couples live together in complete denial of what's really going on in their relationship?
Like they are both wanting out but at the same time don't wanna acknowledge that they need to walk away cos they know it's not working?

Is that what makes love go anyways? "When it's just not working."

He doesn't put in effort to keep conversations flowing or to have sex with her...
What's going on? They are a 30 year old couple that have been together for 8 years and now have a baby... Will they never split? Especially seeing as they are now a family? (Not married but living together for 3 years )

Is he emotionally checked out? And if so, will he just put up with it and stay with her for the baby?

i think she is living in denial a bit... Definite lack of communication cos they got into a very heated fight where a few different issues were brought up that didn't relate at all to the original reason that they blew up at!
They won't split now hey?

So so they live the rest of their lives bored as hell of each other when they could split and find someone better for them?


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  • Because they want to stay together, to work things out and they can if they really try, +that's a adult relationship there are going to be problems you will fight with each other and piss each other off to a degree, you might be distant, there are going to be things you don't like about that person as well, maybe it's their political party, or their world view etc, etc who knows. But you know this is were the key to a successful relationship comes into play, communication and finding the root of the problem and fixing it instead of just letting it fester.

    That is love. actually staying with someone despite the things you don't like about them and working through the problems you have.

    Sometimes it's not the fact that the relationship itself is not working but rather that the people in it aren't making an effort to make it work. A relationship after all is much like a garden it requires constant care and attention in order for it to bloom into something wonderful, otherwise it withers and dies.


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  • they just wanna hold onto the possibility that things could get better. it really isn't that bad. at least they're still putting in effort to stay together, even if everyday isn't sunshine and rainbows. this is love. actually staying with someone despite the things u don't like.

    if u want an adult relationship, the people in it better EXPECT to fight, to disagree, to piss each other off, to not please the other all the time, etc etc. it's gonna happen. if a couple can still stay together through all that, all the more reason to praise their love.

    if the guy is emotionally distant, id say the girl should recognise this from early on. no way does it take 8 years to just begin seeing that side of someone.

    abuse and violence and all the rest of it on the other hand, is a different story entirely, but I've seen no inklings of that here.


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  • I agree, that sound like my situation. When the love is gone and the couple don't know how to give each other what they want in a relationship. They should split because, they will be in a hurtful relationship and live an unhappy life.


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  • They are too insecure to be alone, and would rather stick with the familiar (although unfulfilling) relationship.

  • fear of begin alone!


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