When is it time to end a relationship?

Me and my girl have been together for about 3 months now and we have been fighting a lot about stupid things, but everytime we fight we start crying and make up, and then the next day comes and something happens and then we start fighting again, we pretty much broke up last nite and I literally didn't care at all but when she started grabbing her stuff out of my room I started to realize it was real and started to cry and then me and her made up. But its like now it's the next day and I feel like I should have just ended it but i don't even know what to do anymore because my girl has been through so much and I just wouldn't be able to let her go like that


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  • When shit hits the fan... when your relationship becomes a nightmare and a stressful situation to deal with. Do you really need to live through this shit? that's not what a relationship should be about. Obviously you two can't see eye to eye and don't have much in common.


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  • I truly believe if a couple can't find a solution to fix their problems then, they should seek counseling or call it quit. Life is to short to not be happy and couple should take into consideration that the goal should be to do and make sacrifices to keep each other happy.
    Set down and have a talk about what you want and listen to what she want and start doing the things y'all want from each other with no excuses. Just try it to see if y'all can make the sacrifices by putting differences aside for love.


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