Why would a man hide his wife from his ex for 6-7 months?

My ex and I broke up earlier this year. He got married during the summer. We share our son who is 5 and righ tnow he spends 1 wk with me and then another wk with his dad. His dad however has never introduced me to the wife and seems to hide her. I do not want my ex back by any means, but others have told me that this is odd that he seems to be hiding her.

This Thanksgiving, I did not even get to spend time or talk to my son. When I texted the father asking to speak, he didn't respond. I then called my son's grammy who ignored my call. I brought this to my ex's attention and he said my son didn't want to talk to me. I have to go weeks w/o hearing from my 5 yr old.

My son's father wanted me to move back in with him around Thanksgiving of last yr. I told him no, not until I see some real changes. He was very unstable going from job to job and then he wanted to have another baby. I told him we could not afford it and his response was for us to get on welfare.

I am just wondering why he goes through so much to hide her from me.


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  • So that I have the tail end of your story straight...
    He still wants you in his life to the point where you both have another child dispute him being in a marriage.
    Sounds like he wants to double dip to me, and is keeping you and the wife sperated to make it happen.

    Also (but less likely) he is trying to create a more harmonious relationship with his wife by cutting you out


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