What to do with an ex girlfriend?

so me and my ex girlfriend of a year broke up about a month and a half ago. it was kind of a mutual break up but she's the one who brought it up. the whole time we have been separated we still talk and are kind of friends. lately she has been expressing interest in me again saying she still loves me and doesn't know why we broke up and wishes we were still together. But I found out yesterday that she went on a date with another guy during our break up period which p*ssed me off. but at the same time I made out with another girl and had another girl sleep in my bed at a party with me but I didn't do anything with her. I told my ex about this and she did not tell me about going out with another guy, I found out from her friend. I still have feelings for her and still love her but I don't know if I should give up and cut contact or try to work things out?


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  • Cut contact.


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