Ex-girlfriend isn't responding?

I was dating this girl for about 5 months before she decided to end things. We were exclusive, both of our families were excited about us being together, she and I were on the same page about our future seeming inevitable - we knew it just fit. There were no evident problems between us (borderline complacent), but last week as we packed to visit our families together for the holidays, she said she was feeling less attracted to me and didn't believe it could be fixed. I was in total shock, so as she asked my opinion on the situation, I calmly said that I would go with whatever she decided since it was only her feeling this way. So, she ended things, and I followed up with one text the following morning to let her know I wasn't being apathetic about the breakup and that I'd like to fix it if possible (since she had asked for my input on it). She said again she wasn't sure it could be fixed, and I let her off the hook saying I understood.

Over this last week, I remembered that I had event tickets for this coming weekend that I had bought for us two. I texted yesterday morning, asking if she would want to still go as friends. She typically responds within minutes, so 24 hours passing tells me she's just ignoring me. I'm figuring now that she must have had some other girl she wanted to be with, since there were no bad feelings between us to warrant flat-out silent treatment. The kicker is that her profile picture on her Facebook is still of us two. At this point, I'm just totally confused. Any theories could be helpful, or at least amusing.
I normally wouldn't dwell on this, but she knew I put in a lot of effort (and money) to get these tickets. So, the silent treatment just seems unnecessarily rude and unlike the version of her that I knew.


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  • She had dick for the first time and couldn't resist.


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  • It could be she's been busy and hasn't had the chance to reply. Just give her a bit more time and maybe try contacting her again if two more more days have past.

    • Thanks, I wasn't going to text her more than that one time about the event. I miss her, but I'm pretty good about knowing when to just take the hint. She did finally text me back and said she isn't ready to be friends yet, and that going to the event together would be uncomfortable for us both. I guess either I just really am off-putting to her or she has some unresolved feelings. But I'm not sticking around to find out which.

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    • You're probably right about that. And believe me, I've already asked all my single friends to come join me! Everyone is either working that day or just not interested in the event itself. Ah well, that just means I get an empty seat beside me to use. :)

    • Well either way I hope you enjoy it! :)

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