Dumped by depression and fear? I need help?

So I got dumped on Saturday by my of 2+ years. We had a break 6 months ago but got back together.. We agreed to be for good. So everything was great till a month ago when I started rehearsals for my schools band. I got home at 6pm and he didn't get off work till 10pm. We would talk when we could but I only saw him 2 out of the 7 times a month.. He started arguments on how I don't have time and how he feels like a pest... So we would fix it and go on to lovey Dovey.. Everything was great till Friday.. I lagged abit because I had stuff to do and when I replied he said "right" as if I lied.. He never replied back and didn't text all day Saturday.. I left him messages but the last one I sent was "just wanted to say I love you" he said I was lying and started the argument. He said he was tired of caring for people who wouldn't even shed a tear for him and how he doesn't need anyone he's fine the way he is.. He claimed he was a pest to me and he bothered me too much Bc I was busy and how we barely see eachother and how I haven't told my parents and how my sister doesn't like him.. So he left saying I should be happy with someone who they'll approve of.. I was thinking this could've been his depression acting up since he's always had it and he said he wanted to die.. I really do love him I was just busy. I want to be with him what should I do? I want to keep trying to help him. I told my sister and she even offered to meet him and talk to him but who knows he's really stubborn.


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  • He sounds angry and needy. This may be a manifestation of his depression. Is he doing anything about his depression? If not, this is what you should expect if you manage to salvage it for now.

    • So what's your opinion on what I should try?

    • I think you should try another boyfriend. You have seen what this guy has to offer and the future with him does not appear to be bright.

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  • Oh man is tough. Looks like he needs to calm down a little and start supporting you with what you like and help you with moral support. He should also work around your schedule 👍

    • I don't mind the support but I just would like him to see that I do care for him and I want to be with him.

  • Just keep annoying him with your affection. Gosh you 2 are so young and don't need to be in a rush. Be there for him whenever you can.

    • So do I keep messaging him? What if he blocks me?

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    • Thing is.. He only has fb and this text app... His phone got disconnect a while back and he hasn't bothered to reopen another line.

    • Well then I guess you should try to talk to him in person first and any other means second. You know, just to let him know you care.

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