Why do people prefer to stay in a bad relationship (or not great but not bad) rather than be single?

Are they a happy couple or are they just staying together becaus they are both too insecure to live in their own?
Why are so many people living in denial?
Do some couples live together in complete denial of what's really going on in their relationship?
Like they are both wanting out but at the same time don't wanna acknowledge that they need to walk away cos they know it's not working?

Is that what makes love go anyways? "When it's just not working."

He doesn't put in effort to keep conversations flowing or to have sex with her...
What's going on? They are a 30 year old couple that have been together for 8 years and now have a baby... Will they never split? Especially seeing as they are now a family? (Not married but living together for 3 years )

Is he emotionally checked out? And if so, will he just put up with it and stay with her for the baby?

i think she is living in denial a bit... Definite lack of communication cos they got into a very heated fight where a few different issues were brought up that didn't relate at all to the original reason that they blew up at!
They won't split now hey?

do u reckon he loves her?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Investing time, energy, resources, emotions for months or years..."just bailing" on a situation after such a heavy investment is difficult to do.

    Because If said person breaks up, all that investment was for nothing, and that sucks. :-/


Most Helpful Girl

  • We think that we deserve that kind of love/life. Its hard to accept that we have failed in life... perhaps thats why we stay in a bad relationship.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Guys like to have sex without having to go out and pull. Women like having a boyfriend as it lets society know that there is "nothing wrong with her".

  • A lot of couples will just stay together because they think it'll be better than being alone. Throw a baby in the mix and I am sure there is some feelings of wanting to be there for the kid too

  • My wife cheats on me but I still stay with her. I guess it just seems easier than starting over


What Girls Said 1

  • fear of begin alone!


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