Am I just his emotional crutch?

We've been broken up for 9 months now and for the first 6 months he would call me and text me once a week and say he loved me then would ignore me and sometimes we would be talking on the phone and he would just hang up on me and if I tried to call him back he would ignore me.

for about 2 months now he's been calling me once a week and we talk and he never hangs up now but he tells me about his problems and his ex fiancé and how she hurt him. He texts me a few times a week and it's not about us it's just random things and sometimes he tells me how he doesn't want to live anymore.

he sometimes mentions sex then other times he avoids talking about sex.


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  • It appears you are an emotional crutch. He seems depressed , and when people are depressed they tend to act irrational... one minute they want to speak , the next they'll ignore you. He's probably vulnerable right now too, and feeling indecisive about what he wants at the moment.

    I guess you have to decide whether you want to deal with that or not, because it seems like maybe you are hoping for something more than a just being a shoulder to cry on 💞💛


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