Girls, could you shine some light on what is going on with my ex girlfriend?

Background info:
First of all, she is in the beginning of her 20s and I am 10 years older.
We had the greatest relationship. Seriously the most healthy relationship I ever had, we talked a lot about the future, moveing in together and starting a family... Her parrents loved me, and mine loved her. However, after 8 months she suddenly broke up. Said she lost feelings for me. I am guessing her young age, and the fact it suddenly got very serious might have played a role, but I dont know.

1 year has passed...
it has been up and down for me. I try to unfriend her from social medias and keep NC to just focus on moveing on. However... Every 3 months or so she pops in with a random text like "hi how are you"... We talk for a few days, she sends a friend request, asks to meet etc. Everything is going great.
Then after a few days, she looses all interrest again and I am left with the same shitty feelings as when we just broke up.

This time around I have completely bloked her on every social media.
We ran into eachother a few times at the gym, and she tried to say talk to me.
But every time I just ignored her.
Its been going on for 3 months now.
We no longer run into eachother at the gym, even though she works there and spends a lot of time there.. Maybe she is avoiding me?
And the one time last week we actually did run into eachother, she also ignored me. I am guessing she just respects my wish for NC?

Could any girl please explain my ex's behaviour for me?


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  • Your old enough to know better. Move on. Life's too short for the drama. She is stringing you along, like young girls who don't know what they want do.

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