He blew me off out of the blue?

I went out with many guys after my breakup with my ex, but that guy was by far the best to keep me hooked. He would ask to see me everyday, take me out for dinner every night, bought me surprise tickets to my favorite circus, introduced me to all of his friends, told me all of his secrets, we would even cruise all night laughing and singing to the radio, and kiss before going home. He was addicted to me and called me everyday , bought me snacks, and asked to see me everytime. Even though it was just a month, I felt really close to him and everything was right, we were even talking about a relationship, and he said he really liked me. I knew, even from the way he looked at me and kissed my forhead sometimes. Until that one weekend. We were going to a party at a club together (HE invited me to come with him and everything was NORMAL). He called saying he was going to be late and that I should go in first (I was with my girl bestfriend at that time not alone). So I did, after warning him over and over again that they might not let him in without a girl and I could just wait outside. But he kept saying dont worry about me just go in and seemed annoyed at my No no no ill wait.
Turns out I was right, the bouncer on the door wouldn't let him in. So he texted me out of the blue saying he had left somewhere else with his friends. And thats when he literally dissapeared all night. The next day he didn't talk to me. No texts no goodmorning no nothing. I started thinking, maybe I did something wrong? So I called him by sunset asking him if he was okay (when I should be the angry one. He left me clubbing by myself and didn't even bother to check up on me). He said he was fine and joked around and I was shocked. He really was okay, and briefly asked me about my day. He then said hed talk to me later. But he didn't. Its been 1 week and he hasn't talked to me since. Honesltly I've never been "ghosted" before and I really dont understand it. I just feel hurt dumped and humiliated. No explanation no slowly drifting away, no fight, no argument, just gone. What happened? and what do i do if i ever bump into him this weekend at the club?


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  • If you see him, ignore him, Let him come up to you
    As for why he ghosted, I learnt the hard way to never make assumptions , but if his story feels like BS with your gut instincts, it probably is


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