How to move on from break up?

been left by someone whilst i was still deeply in love with him. When he left, Felt like i was stepped all over my face with a shoes and my heart was cut into half with knife. It hurted so bad thatTears couldnt stop for months. pillows were getting wet as if it was just washed. I stopped but again my heart has been such a crybaby. Tried everything to move on. TRUST ME EVERYTHING. Taking risk to love again wasn't the good idea so I ended it before it even started. Now i can't trust nobody and talk to no boys.

Its been 6 months now and im still the same instead im dying inside..


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  • You are young maybe school, sports, clubs, trips things that will keep your mind ocupied. I was step on even worse and i being doing all this stuff and it worked for me. I dont get upset i rarely think of the person. In fact i feel like it doesn't exist anymore.


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