Still miss her after 4 years what should I do?

My last break up was 4 years ago but still can't stop thinking about her.. it was a 5 year long relationship.. I still love her and waiting for some miracle.. but she is engaged to some other guy now..
In past 4 years I never got in new relationship as I was missing her badly
I still miss her what should I do? Please help


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  • Sounds to me like you still need some sort of closure. There are a number of things you can try, it all depends on how your mind works. You can write her name on a helium balloon and let it go. Talk to her and tell her goodbye. Burn everything you have from her. Basically, do whatever it takes to feel the loss, and then release it. Whatever you choose, the one you're most afraid of will probably work the best.


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  • Speak up. You have no idea if she is waiting for you to man the hell up, and tell her you want her.

    • I don't want to spoil her relationship now.. I tried talking to her.. but I can't go further.

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    • I do care enough but I am thinking she might me happy with another guy.. I tried talking to her in recent times she seems to be happiest ever..

    • You still have a right to express how you feel, and if she is truly happy with that guy, your words won't mean anything. But don't complain if you won't step up and fight for her.

  • Only time can really heal a heart. You could try forcing yourself to move on by dating other people or distracting yourself, but that will only work for a certain amount of time. One day you will come bouncing right back to her.

    You know, if you really want to be with her it's not too late. She's not married yet.

  • You should go full stalker on her.


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  • You cheated her?

    • No I didn't cheat her I gave more importance to study and then don't know what happened..

    • 4 years it's long time and you must move on its you will just waste more time also she's engaged to another guy it's not wise to keep follow her just find new girl and fill the emptiness but first of all you need face the fact that's your relationship with her it's finish and throw every thing that could remind you about her

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