Ex acting weird?

He broke up with me at random yesterday. His reasoning was that we were too different. We always got along and made each other laugh and even before he did it we were enjoying each other.

He still hasn't changed his facebook profile picture of us. He told me not to return the stuff he gave me (I still did) and when I asked for the bracelet I bought back because I got in trouble for giving it back to him this went down:

Him: I was gonna give it back to you
Me: I dont want it. It has too much of us in it.
Him: why not sell it.
Me: because its like selling our relationship
Him: why does that matter if you are cutting me out of your life? (I said I would)

I felt like he was upset when he sent me that text.
The day of the break up he looked really sad and was really upset and avoided me.

Think he still fancies me? When I mentioned why I was cutting him out (dont want to be like his other exes who are his friends and know about his new girlfriends and was really hurt and love him) he didn't respond. Everytime it was brought up he didn't respond.

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  • He's conflicted about his decision, and dealing with things like returning possessions or whatever, might be a bit confronting for him, and hard to deal with. It doesn't mean he regrets his decision, or wants you back, it just means it's a difficult process for him. Time will tell if he changes his mind or not.

    • Well I still love him and I am serious about cutting him out. I love him too much.

    • That's your choice to make :)

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  • I think he feels weird, because as you said, he's friends with his other exes. You guys had a good relationship, he seems to just want to be friends.

  • The breakup was yesterday 95% chance he still likes you. Breakups take awhile to get over sometimes.

  • I don't think u should care he is ur ex.


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