Left a piece of a clothing at a guy that is pulling back?

Long story short I was seeing this guy for two months. All was running smoothly-regular dates, contact everyday through texting, etc and then about three weeks ago texting got very sparse and so did the dates and at this point the texting is like basically 1-2 a week. So in essence, this "relationship" has fizzled. And to be honest i'm actually kind of over it too- the momentum just wasn't there anymore. My question is - last week I left my super expensive cashmere scarf there. I told him "just hang on to it ill get it after the Thanksgiving holiday." All signs point to that I won't be seeing him. How do I go about asking/ getting for my scarf back without looking like im trying to see him or holding onto something that isn't happening- thoughts?


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  • If you really want it back, then just ask for it.

  • Send your friend to collect scarf.

    • Oh geez you think it's that bad? It's not like we are on bad terms. We talked three days ago it's just you can tell that our relationship isn't progressing anywhere.

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