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I was in a relationship for almost two years til the day before Thanksgiving and my ex boyfriend really broke my heart. He left me for his ex girlfriend and didn't waste any time immediately starting a relationship with her. Now I am so saddened by this not only because I love him still but also because he broke up with me in a letter while I was at work leaving me without any time to pick up the pieces. I don't know how to get over the intial slap in the face and to make matters worse he says he still loves me and he loves her too. He wants time to figure out what he truly wants to do and who he wants to be with but while he is doing this he is still dating her what do I do?


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  • I agree with @BubblyMaria she used the perfect word..."option" that is what he is trying to make you.
    Its usually horrible when it comes out of nowhere... ironically mine was named Maria lol... but what you can do is not be deceived by the words... actions speak louder. He says he loves you and her.. BUT he is with HER not You.
    Girl, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, take yourself out, and flirt with the first attractive person you meet. You will feel a lot better.

    • Thanks! Lol! If it makes you feel better my real name is not Maria. The name is phony-just like your ex lol 😝

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    • Lol yeah i know lol & geez people man. So rude lol but seriously sorry to hear that :/ & nope lol not even close.

    • @BubblyMaria Darn... eh.. it was worth a try. Anyway, I've said that i won't be blindsided like that ever again...

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  • Move on. Dont let him treat you like an option. I know its easier said than done but by allowing him to do this you're losing your dignity. Have respect for yourself and aknowledge your worth.


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  • That's a deal-breaker in my opinion. Love isn't just helplessly following your emotions -- it's also making a choice. Whatever he still feels for you, he's made a choice that doesn't include you. Whether he knows it or not, I think he's keeping you on the hook in case his new relationship doesn't work out. I suggest you turn your back on him and move on.

  • Try to forget him , hard but has shown you no respect, he can't pick and choose women not fair on you.

  • I'm not the best voice of reason in these sorta scenarios so feel free to ignore me. But I'd go get some "JB weld" and a tire iron and one by one remove, glue, and replace all the lug nuts on his wheels so when he tries to take them off next they're held tight. If you're lucky he'll only notice them one at a time and have more than 1 flat tire he can't fix down the line.

    He sounds like a serious asshole. I'd suggest forgetting about him.


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