Is there a chance he will come back to me?

my ex and I broke up a month ago and within a week this girl started hanging out with him. I immediately suspected he was talking to her now. Eventually she changed her Facebook status to in a relationship but he didn't after about three days he changed it to "in a relationship" and it took another two days for him to finally say her name in the relationship. I was heartbroken but I didn't show it. I have not fussed and I didn't do anything bitchy. I just left him alone. I'm confused about him because he sometimes come around and etc. but I think its only friendly. I found out he had sex with her within two weeks of our breakup. I was wondering if there is still a chance. and if there is..should I simply give him his space and still stay friendly?


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  • What an asshole

    • Lik I was so surprised by how he treated her. she wudnt tell no one dey were going out and he didn't want to admit it. wen he speaks to me he nevers mention her, if it wasn't for Facebook I would never knw who she is lol

      wen he was with me he was kind and never once disrespected me. he was was the one who told his friend and the school. some people think we still going out lol

    • Why did you guys break up?

    • He said because of time which is partially true. I dnt believe him. he said he cried ( I dnt believe him) bt then his best friend who is my homeboy told me he did ( out the blue). sometimes he comes around and talks to me and sticks around and when I say I gotta go den he is like tries to make me stay.

      i still have feelings for him bt I'm not a fool. I'm not waiting on him and I do believe more likely he wnt go bac to me. I suppose I simply miss him that's all.

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