I fell out with my other half now he won't speak, what next?

My other half and I fell out 3 days ago and since he hasn't spoken. I've tried to speak with him a couple of times but get no reply. My emotions are going from sad to angry to sad and I can't handle it! One minute I want to cry and ask him why he's doing this and to speak to me then I'm angry and I want to ask him wtf I have done for him to be such a selfish pr*ck!


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  • whow you broke up with him! you sound totally crazy. chill out and stop having your emotions run your thought pattern. It is suppose to be the other way around.
    Don't ever expect any guy to stick around to play your mind games. you said you fell out of love with him. how do you expect to respect someone that stays with that?

    You need to slow down and think a bit. what were the reasons ON YOUR PART why you fell out of love. NOBODY elses fault for why a person just simply falls out of love. that sounds selfish as hell to blame him.

    do a pro's and Con's about your behaviors and personality and if you keep an open mind you may just find that being hurt by someone who doesn't want them and not speaking to them is NORMAL. expecting him to contact you is NOT !

    • He broke up with me! And never once did I say I fell out of love with him!!

    • ok sorry for misreading who broke up with whom. however to be all upset with someone after a break up is useless. It just makes it pretty clear that that person wasn't meant for you. so you'd still need to focus on your side of the street and clean that garbage out for you to have a fresh clean and un-resentful pallet for the great future ahead with someone who is a better fit for you.

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  • Well, usually when these things happen we want immediate answers, and the truth is sometimes people need their space, the tighter you squeeze the further they want to get away. He's probably angry with you (you never disclosed why you fell out).

    • We argued over what he was doing at the weekend with his friends, I dont agree with drugs and he took a lot. I know that we are over now, and it's killing me :(

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  • It sounds like its over. He should man up and at least say so

  • You could try asking his friends what his deal is.


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