Think of the bad, but only remember the good? whhy?

why is it that when you are in the rocky part of a relationship all you ever think about is the bad things..things they do/ things they don't do...that kinda of stuff...but when you break up and you loose them you only remember the happy they made you/ things that the did do...and how much you really miss them.?


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  • it is because we are still in the mode where we can only look at the positives because that's all we want to know to make things seem peachy keen when in fact., it was not.

    the thing is, things end for a reason. now look at the reasons why it didn't work out. ask yourself, 'did those bad reasons over ride the good reasons? ' if you answered 'yes' then that means it's best to leave that part of your life behind you and to move on.

    i did that for a few months as well after my split with one of my ex boyfriends. it takes time but eventually we get to a point we accept things as they are fit.

    • What if they weren't that bad...but things got a little weird after the break up....we are talking about seeing each other again....but all my friends think its a bad I dea and they don't like him

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