How do I tell my ex that I still love him?

Back story: He and I broke up over a year ago. We were friends but liked each other for about a year before we started dating. Our relationship was wonderful - we had great communication, honesty and trust, we never fought, and great sex. His parents also loved me and likewise.

I never thought we should have broken up. What caused our breakup was very trivial and spontaneous, and I only am grateful it happened so I could work on the things that I started to let go of. But I always thought he'd realize he'd made a mistake and we'd get back together. We haven't :(
But we have spent time together a handful of times since. Sometimes I truly believe that he still loves me too - but that maybe he's too stubborn to know or do anything. We've gone out for drinks a few times and that's where he says things like he's glad we can still be so close, and sometimes tries to bring up the breakup and say how things could've been different. I also know for a fact that he hasn't been actively dating or sleeping with other girls.

After months of not talking he did text me a few weeks ago to see how I was doing and said he knows we hadn't talked in a while. I saw him for the first time in months at an event last week, and his parents even came over and talked to me and were very pleasant. He and I also went for drinks after. This was the instance where, after months of not talking, dating and sleeping with other guys (even thinking I was in love with someone else for a while) - I realized, like I was hit by a bus, that I am still in love with him and I still think we should be together. I'm a very self-aware person and I know when I think something is worth fighting for. But I'm also afraid. And I don't know what he's truly thinking.

Like I said, I've tried dating and being with other guys, moving on with my life, no contact, etc. Should I just come out and tell him how I feel? Am I just not trying hard enough? Do you ever truly stop loving someone?


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  • Just tell him, men generally appreciate it when women are straightforward with them. Some men are incredibly oblivious to flirting and "signals".


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  • I was about to troll you because you just don't get an ex back but, after reading your story, I changed my mind. I really think you should tell or show him. Start flirting again, try getting closer to him and see how he reacts. Or if you're blunt and straight-forward like me, just tell him how you feel. Turn the conversation so you can go towards that topic. I don't know what else to tell you.


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