What can I do to not have to worry about my ex?

I am still in love with her we broke up a month and a half ago and i just always seem to be thinking of ways to show her im not clingy like we hang out here and there and i haven't ever told her what to do! I want her to know im changing and give me another chance and i dont want to always feel this wrenching pain in my chest! I love her and won't give up i just want to be able to be confident again and make her fall in love with me again


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  • It sounds to me like she already thinks you're needy, which puts you in a very awkward position. Anything you do that involves her in the slightest will be seen in that light, even if you just happen to bump into her.

    My advice is to prove to her (and yourself) that you don't need her at all, ever. Avoid her completely -- No phone calls, texts, gifts, or visits.

    You will miss her constantly, but each day it will get a little easier. Sooner or later, you'll start to remember the bad things about her - Like how she crapped all over you for loving her so much, just for starters.

    She doesn't deserve you. Someone else out there is right for you, someone who won't push you away. If she sees you pulling away, she may have a change of heart, too.

    • I dont want to give up i know that things will change and it is gonna be difficult but i know once we get past this it will make our relationship even better, is there a way i can really show her i love her and not have to avoid her! I want to fix and build onto what we already have

    • You can't change how she feels. By giving her space, she may realize she misses you. If that doesn't happen, it was already over. Sorry mate, wish i had better news.

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