Confused and frustrated, what's do I do?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while now and I've recently been wanting him to talk to me on the phone and FaceTime me and such, and put in more effort. I feel like he doesn't know if he's willing to do such things for me and that's why he hasn't. When I told him all of this he ended up saying that I was worthy his attention and effort and he sees where I am coming from and is willing to put effort, but I recently asked him to FaceTime and he keeps putting it off and changing the subject, I dong want to be that girl who says something and doesn't stand her ground, I'm serious this time and I've already told him to change for me and I want to hit stop responding to his texts and such but I feel like I shouldn't because a part of me still wants him 😔😔 what should I do? Ps he live far from me but we've talked about seeing each other?


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  • Move on. Find a real live in person relationship. There is no substitute

    • Yeah I want to, why do you mean there no substitute?

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    • Wow you literally give me the advice I would give someone else, thanks. I am now going to come to you if I need any help!

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