Ex dumped me but hacked my FB?

Today I get a mail saying my FB account was reactivated.
I was shocked, got onto my FB and disactivated it only to see it got reactivated again 2 minutes after !!

I log in again and change my password …

I tell my friend who is a computer genius and he checks out the IP that tried to log in and compare with the IP from a recent mail from the ex … MATCH !!!

So he is tying to go on my FB even though I am not active on there anymore..
Anyone has any idea to why he would do that and put his time in that?

He dumped me after giving birth to his baby for another woman after all !
Have been in very LC since and he has been making up excuses to send texts.


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  • He's checking up on you.
    If he didn't post anything or send anything to anyone via your fb account, he doesn't want to cause trouble, and just see what you are doing, go through your messages maybe.

    Intense !

    • Thing I don't get is I am on active on fb, and he knows that, so all he will get to see are old posts (of when we were still an item) that's weird... and no, he did not do anything while on it :)

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    • why would he? he dumped me !

    • See if your speaking to any one

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  • He didn't "hack" you, you probably gave him your password one way or another. Take it from someone who knows what she's talking about.

    IP addresses from emails are often different from IP addresses that may appear in Facebook's logs (if you can even view those to begin with). You sure you're not full of crap?


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  • He could be checking up on you or trying to do things to turn others against you


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  • You should sue him. You can sue him for thing like this. TAKE HIS ASS TO COURT DAMN IT!


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