Is my boyfriend cheating?

We don't use condoms because we have been together for ever and he can't have kids...well I helped grab grocery from the trunk of his car yesterday and found a pack of condoms...Why would he need condoms in his car? When we first got together he had them in his closet...which is where they should be, in the room...why would he have a brand new pack in his car?I just want to know what you guys think. I love him and I don't want to doubt him but this is just weird...i don't think they were there before


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  • well, it really hard to call on that. maybe you should talk to him that's the only way to find out... of course dnt go all crazy on him ... there are way to deal with stuff like that... all the best girl


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  • follow your gut.

    ask him about it & watch out for any other things that "don't make sense". dont' let him know you suspect anything, dont' accuse him of anything until you have proof & remain calm as if it weren't a big deal. I had those "weird" feelings w my last boyfriend where some things just didn't make sense & it turns out he was cheating on me...even though at the time his explanations disregarded what I felt as paranoia...turns out I was right. good luck

    • It this kind of story that gets Women all messed up and paranoid in the first place. Some people get accused when they have done nothing wrong and that puts way to much pressure ona relationship.

    • Thats why I said "don't accuse him of anything until you have proof & remain calm"....

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