Do you dream of one day having an ex-wife or ex-husband?


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  • Not really, I'd rather never get married than get married and have it end in a divorce.

    • I mean hind sight is 20/20. If you were an old man looking back on your life and you had gotten married with the intention of it lasting forever but then got a divorce ten years later, would say that you wish you never got married in the first place?

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    • Like I said it depends on if the overall course of the marriage was happy and if I get fucked in the divorce.

      If the marriage was mediocre and I lose a lot then yes I'd regret marrying her and wish I had picked someone else.

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  • No. The whole point of marriage is wanting to be with someone till death does you apart.

    • Is it becoming a norm? Like people still believe in marriage or has it become too controlled by the government?

    • I don't think it's too controlled by the government. It depends on a lot of criterias as well like most importantly, in which country?

  • why on earth would i dream of that? :/

  • Nope, my first marriage will be my only.

    • I hope so. It just happens so much that I wonder if people actually try. like they don't act like they set out to have a marriage that lasts in the first place.

    • I know, it's sad.

What Guys Said 1

  • How can you dream that?

    I can't even imagine having an ex.


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