How could he change his mind so fast?

It seemed like my ex wanted me back because he has been contacting me more through texts and phone calls, and just last week we talked for 2 hours and he told me a few times that he loves me. But this week he hasn't contacted me, and I was worried because he's been depressed so I texted him and 25 minutes later texts back "Yea just laying in bed sick" and I told him I hop he gets better but he never texted anything back.

Also he is the one who broke up with me a few months ago, and I told him that I couldn't speak to him for a while but he would still contact me and I was and still am very dumb for answering his texts and calls. He seems very distant now, but I will not text him ever again. Could it be he met someone and thats why he is acting this way. I just feel so sad all over again :(


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  • I don't understand one thing, why should it matter to you so much if you both are not together anymore?

    • I am not saying that you have stop caring about him but what I am saying is you need to keep your expectations from him as if you both are still together, you shouldn't expect the communication to be of that level anymore, you can keep it to basic interactions, like check up on him once in a while but expecting him to constantly stay in touch with you when you both have broken up will cause you to be more stressful and sad.

    • Very true, I guess I got used to him texting me all the time and calling me and when he doesn't I feel sad. But for the past 3 months he's been consistently texting me a few times a week, and calling me every week on his day off, and still calls me babe and tells me he loves me. A couple of weeks ago I ignored him and he called a bunch of times and texted me a few times. I did it to try and stop talking to him but I gave in again.

      I think it would be too hard to be his friend because I still love him I feel it would probably be better if I blocked him so I can move on 😢 thanks for helping me with my question

What Girls Said 1

  • One time he doesn't contact you because he's sick, and you're already over-thinking it. You need to take a step back and accept that the relationship is over, and that continuing to talk regularly won't allow you to move on from that connection. You can't have emotional (or any other) expectations from him anymore, because you aren't together, and talking to him all the time is just causing problems for you.


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