Would you be upset if your boyfriend did not tell you his ex texted them tho they didn't reply, would u be mad?

i saw it in his phone but did not say anything she said hi i hope you are ok and can she ask a question and he never replied should i be upset cus he did not tell me, would you confront or let it fly?


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  • If he didn't reply then I don't care. He probably didn't want to upset or start a fight tbh. If I was in his position, I wouldn't tell him because I don't to upset and i don't even want to talk about my ex anyway.


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  • If he never replied i wouldn't make a big fuss over it

  • No, he never replied. Why would I be mad?

    • doesn't it make you think, why not tell u? that alone leads one to think what else they don't tell you?

    • Not really, he probably didn't say anything because he never answered her to begin with. She's the one trying to contact, not him. It's not worth mentioning.

  • No lol why would that matter


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