How can I Forget My Ex?

I finished with my Ex boyfriend and soon ill be Moving out of our home... I am finding it difficult to get over my feelings for him. And the strange yet annoying thoughts in my head... For example... Soon as I'm gone him and some other woman getting it on in what used to be our family home...
How can I stop this? And how can I move on? I feel so unhappy and I can't cope at all?


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  • I am sorry that you're hurting.

    I think that moving out will go a long way to helping you. Secondly, I believe you should immerse yourself in activities that are productive and that make you happy.

    Lastly, I believe that you should understand that time is your greatest ally.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of activities do you enjoy?

    • Hi bluemax, Well been a while since i was on here and can now say that i am fine and getting better day by day, Thanks for your comment :)

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