How many relationships end for good if they have had a least one real breakup?

This question is for the expirienced, and those who have been in many realtionships or are now stable and such.

How often if you broke up with a girl or guy, then got back toghther, do those relationships ever last afterwards? Like your toghther, then you breakup and then make up a few days after that... what are the chances you'll end up breaking up again? Do the same problems re-emerge? How long do relationships last after you get back toghther from a breakup? Whether its a long one or a short one?


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  • I have known people to spit up , get back together then have a happy life together.

    Personally , i never get back to an ex , because I come out of the relationship a different person to who I was during the relationship. .

    Relationships only survive if both people are striving to make it work. Happy , long- term relationships don't last due to the absence of problems... they survive because both people are putting an equal amount of effort to make it work. Communicating to help resolve any issues/ problems within the relationship.

    The same problems only re-. emerge if they haven't resolved the issue together... as a couple. Both people have to make changes in order to prevent the same issues arising


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  • For me, it hasn't worked after a real breakup.

    However, I know a couple examples of people who broke up and ended up married. One of which, the girl dated two of his friends from high school before they ended up back together (yikes). However, they seem very happily married now.


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