My ex boyfriend lost feelings for me and said he will never get them back. Now he texts me saying he is depressed. What should I do?

My ex boyfriend broke off with me after 10 months. We had a lot of drama going. He was getting cold and indifferent day by day and I was getting needy and insecure. He blamed for everything and said his feelings had died. I tried to work things out, reconcile etc but he didn't want so I just accepted its over and went NC now he msges me he is depressed, didn't go to work. But can't open up to me. He furthur said I am a good girl and deserve better than him because he cares. He said I should give up on him IF he causes so much pain. I was upset. But he was like its not that you are not worth it, its just I gave up on a lot of things.
He asked me to hang out on weekend then baled on me. Now he is cold again and saying its not "intentional". What does he want? Is he stringing me along?


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  • My ex did the same thing. He didn't want anything to do with me, but he still wanted me to be there, so that he wouldn't feel the change that the break up would bring to our lives. He didn't want to feel lonely. That's using you: he knows you love him, he knows he doesn't love you, but he still wants your attention. I learned the worst way possible, and the answer to that is a big NO. Tell him to just go away and leave you alone. The more you get attached to him, the more you'll suffer, you won't be able to move on and you'll be missing out on so much more life has to give you.


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  • Forget him


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