I was the OTHER WOMAN?

I recently found out the man (if we should even call him that) I've been romantically involved with for almost a year is married.

I'm devastated and depressed. I fell in love with who he pretended to be obviously. I'm not sure how he managed to hide this because we communicated multiple times a day and went out often.

People say not to rush things, let them happen naturally & that's exactly what I did. The first 7 months or so was purely building a solid friendship or foundation for a relationship. Then, we became physically intimate. I found out about it & when confronted, he offered no apology. Nothing.

Worst part is I confided in him about so many things and he played me. I feel dumb and silly.
I'm so hurt y'all. Please offer some advice for how to pick my head up and move on.
Thank you. God bless.


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  • Your head doesn't need to be picked up , you haven't done anything wrong is head needs looking at. hope you trust again we ain't all bad , good luck on future.


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  • Just forget the prick and tell his wife u been fooled by him so he loses everything because he's been a cock


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  • My advice for future you, is to see where the person lives after you've gotten to know each other. I always tell my mom that. She's 52, so many people she meets have kids, homes, etc.. She had dealt with a cheater before, & she told the fiance, we guess she believed whatever bs he spewed to her, & he tried to mess with my mom's job. Then months later, guess he forgot what she looked like, because he messaged her, interested, again. You can't hide a house with a family living in it.

    • He rented a separate apartment from the home he shared with his wife. And they don't have children. Your mom has been through a lot, she sounds strong! Thank you

    • I've seen that before- such dedication to a sad life. I couldn't imagine what hours problem is. I'm glad you found out- the possibilities of him lying about things is ridiculous. She's been through hell, but she's making it, somewhat. I've chosen a completely different path from hers, because I've learned from the mistakes she's made & the accomplishments she's earned. Sometimes it's great to be the daughter of a single mom, because you learn the hard way. Other times, it's a killer & you're afraid of leading the same path because you're used to it. I wish you the best, & hopefully you've learned signs to watch out for :) . There's always a benefit to bad situations!

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