Girls, What if he was being so nice to you, and caring about you, saying he likes you, and calling you all time, then you found he is dating someone?

My flat mate was always so nice to me, we cook together, he calls me beautiful. and says i am too sweet, he waits till midnight until i come from outside because he is worried about me, he lets me sleep on his shoulder on th bus, he hugs me, and holds my. hands, he says he will miss me, and that he will marry me when. icook something that he likes, and when i tease him about sleeping with other boys. he. gets sad, and we. watch serious together.. he once asked me if i would like to marry a white blonde like him., and then two days ago. i found out he. was. dating another girl, it. broke. my. heart to pieces , and i am too sad, what would you. do? How. will you feel in this situation?


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  • If he knows what he's doing to you- leading you on, then he's quite messed up. He thinks he can have his cake & eat it, too. If you tell him you know about her, he'd likely tell you it's nothing serious, that you're better, etc.. Don't feed into this. Set boundaries, effective immediately. Don't get too comfortable with him. Move on, because he was never really there. Don't hurt yourself over something that was nothing.

  • I would laugh and call him a schmuck

    • So you. will not get so hurt? You. will. feel that you are. better than that and move on?
      Cause. i. am. so so sad

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