Should I just let this argument go, or keep at it? I need some help on this.

So my boyfriend and I got into an argument in the car this morning. I had gone with him to an appointment he had and then he was going to drop me off at home so I could get ready for class. His appointment ran really late and by the time he was done, I was just going to suggest that we go back to his place and go back to sleep for a while, since we had gotten up really early there was no way I was going to make it to class on time at all.

When I said that, he said that he "wanted some alone time". The thing is, during the week, we don't see each other (from Monday to Thursday). On the weekends we hang out pretty much the whole time, namely because we haven't seen each other for the whole week. I asked him why he felt like he needed alone time when, after today, (today is Monday) he wasn't going to see me again until Friday. Then he goes on to say that there are "some things he can't do while I'm there" and that he "can't un-wind completely when I'm there".

At this point, I'm majorly boggled as to what he has just said, so I ask him "What can you not do when I'm around?" (We've been together for a year, btw and are beyond comfortable). The first thing out of his mouth is "I don't know." And then he goes on to say that he might do something that he has been saying he is going to do for the past two months. I called him out on it. "You've been saying that for 2 months and it's never happened! Why is today any different?" He really had no answer for that.

When he said he "couldn't unwind" around me... I said that maybe we shouldn't be together then. I mean, that statement, in my opinion, shows that there is something wrong. As soon as I mentioned breaking up, he shot it down. And yet he could give me no solid answer to the questions I'd posed to him.

Then he accused me of having no respect for him, to which I replied "I have plenty of respect for you, but I don't respect you when you pull excuse after excuse out of your a$$ like that!"

From my point of view, what he was saying didn't make sense, and seemed completely made up, like he had no real reason for "wanting alone time" and stuff. When we got to my place, we got out, he handed me my things, said "See you later" and drove off, leaving all our issues completely unresolved, and me fuming and beyond upset.

I spent the next 20 minutes crying in my room, trying to figure out why he would say all that. I do believe that he still loves me, and I love him too, but I hate leaving issues unresolved and he is the kind of person to avoid disagreements like the plague. I feel like I need to do something dramatic to let him know how bothered I am by the fact that he just drove off without another word.

So really... should I just let it go, forget that it happened, or do I need to sit down (in a calm manner) and bring those things up again? And what do I do to stop him from just "running away" (either mentally or physically) from these issues!?
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So... after a rather intense phone conversation, I think we got things worked out. We both apologized and (hopefully) came to a compromise on how we are going to handle discussing issues that pop up in the future. Thanks for all your help!
Should I just let this argument go, or keep at it? I need some help on this.
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