What's wrong with my boyfriend?

We have been dating for around 6 months and everything has been perfect, we talked about everything, we even talked about having a future together, and where we would go to school, about a week ago he got injured playing hockey... but instead of letting him take a break his coach put him on steriods and pain killers so he could play, i told him that it wasn't a good idea... but he played and got more injured, a few days ago he collasped and got rushed to the hospital, it turned out that he needed 7 operations and would be in the hospital few a few months at least. With this circumstance he is unable to finish his hockey contract and another team offered him a new 5 year one for when he gets out of the hospital... the contract is worldwide. Since the hospital and the contract he has been a completely different person, he says how there is no point in us being together, and that he no longer wants a future... he says that as long as he is playing hockey there is no way he can hold up a relationship, im trying to be supportive but when i reach out to him he pushs me away, he has now blocked me on almost every social media and i am running out of ways to contact him and i am running out of time... i talked to a doctor and he said he doesn't know if he will make it through all of the operations... Christmas is coming soon, so are our birthdays and valentines day... all of which events he will most likely be in the hospital for.
I just wanna know if you guys can figure out why he is acting this way and if i can help.
Sorry its so long, my questions usually aren't this long

Valentines Day

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  • He seems to be angry. ... he might think that he won't be able to continue his sport career, making him feel useless and even less of a man for the sport and you... and he's taking it out on you. You can keep trying to talk to him, but you might want to tell him that you're there for him no matter what, but you'll just wait for him to open up to you instead of "bothering" him. You could continue to visit him, but you might just want to give him space for now


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Valentines Day