I want to get back together with my girlfriend, any pointers?

My girlfriend broke up with me Sunday, She told her friends she never wants to be with me again, and that she's glad to be single, She's said those things before and we ended up getting back together again last July, I want to get her back, how can I do this?

we've been together for 17 months now, she's broken up with me twice so far and came back to me both times telling me she missed me and wanted to get back together with me, two weeks ago she told me she was thinking about breaking up with me, but she said
she was gonna give me one more chance, and if I made her mad it was over, well things went okay for two weeks then she made an assumption and started yelling at me saying I lied to her when I didn't, after I explained to her, she said oh well,
she was already mad even though I didn't do anything wrong and she said she needs time to herself and and that she wants to take a break so I said okay. Her friends all told me that she's going around telling everyone how happy she is to be single and
that I'll never get another chance, but we didn't officially break up yet. I want to get her back really badly, I still love her to death, what should I do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • first honest opinion you don't have to agree but I think she isn't worth your time if she is going to play with your feelings all this time.

    but if you still want her back talk to her make sure she is alone so she doesn't feel compeled to impress anyone. tell her eveything your feelings why you think yal broke up what your going to do to fix it. and at some piont show her that you put this question up here to let her know your serious about getting back with her. she needs to know that you want her back and that you don't want to play any games.


What Guys Said 1

  • damn... well that doesn't sound too good. a little more background info maybe?

    • Hmmm. that's rough man, sounds like she's nuttier than squirrel poo( sorry I've always wanted to say that) but yea, id say the best thing to do is just talk to her and see what it was about teh relationship that didn't work for her. but make sure not to act desperate.

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