Does my ex boyfriend still love me?

So my boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago. We got back together 2 weeks ago and broke up on the weekend. The way he ended it with me left me with so many questions & left me feeling worthless. I kept calling him and his friends non stop trying to figure out what he was doing and who he was with. He started hanging around all these new friends that he's known for a few weeks and has mentioned a new girlfriend. But the story doesn't add up. One day he says he has a new girlfriend and they've been together for 3 months, then the next day he doesn't, then he does. So it's a little confusing and I don't know if he's doing it to get a reaction out of me. I stopped speaking to him for 2 days. I stopped calling and messaging him. He told me to live my life and enjoy my life so I went out for my girlfriend's birthday. Was having a great night. He found out I was out and would not stop calling me saying I'm a hypocrite and blah blah. He then told me that he had a new girlfriend and she makes him happy and saying anything that would push my buttons. I then told him that I had a new guy I was seeing and he didn't like that one bit (it's not actually true). Then today he was calling me trying to figure out if I really have a new man and I told him I don't I just said it to make him jealous because he was telling me he had a girlfriend. We had a good 20 minute conversation for the first time since we broke up. He said he loves me and deeply cares about me. I then asked him if he really had a girlfriend, he said no. He said he's been hanging this girl that he's ''interested'' in. Then 2 hours later telling me again he's got a girlfriend. It's confusing & it's messing with my head. He tells me he loves me then hates me and keeps changing his mind. His good friend told me not to contact him and that will make him wonder what I'm doing and why I'm not trying to contact him anymore. Help! What do I do? Does he still love me or does he really hate me and just trying to hurt me?


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  • Im as confused as u r. But its probably best if u move on. Stop playing these psycho weird games and start having a good relationship with someone who is honest and doesn't play games with u.


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